Music performs very important role in human life. If you love to listen a music then you must require good music player in which you can store your favorite musics and listen in your routine life. If you want to do a relax from your busiest life then we would suggest to buy some amazing music player and keep it with you everywhere. Here we are giving some good music players which you can purchase and enjoy the life.

10) mobilo grey mp3 player with speaker with rechargeable battery

9) Transcend Digital TS8GMP330K Music Player 8GB MP-330(Black)

8) Captcha MP3 Player with Sleek Finish Portable Clear Sound

7) Sony NWZ-B183F Walkman MP3 Player with Built-in FM Tuner (4GB)

6) Philips GoGear Mix 4GB MP3 Player

5) FiiO M3 8 GB Portable Digital Music Player with Earphones

4) Transcend MP710 Digital Music Player 8GB

3) Transcend MP350 (TS8GMP350B) 8 GB Digital Music Player

2) Sony NWZ-B183F Walkman MP3 Player with Built-in FM Tuner (4GB)

1) Sony NW-E394 Walkman Digital Music Player (8GB) – Black